Due to the emergency closure of all SPS sites, kindergarten registration is paused until April 27. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • During the regular school year新皇冠体育盘口, please visit your neighborhood school to register.

    新皇冠体育盘口If your child is identified as a potential English Language Learner, you will need to register the student at the Family Registration and Orientation Center (F.R.O.C.) at 1807 N. Washington, C-101. Please call Debbie Battista at 509.354.6263 to make an appointment.

    Not sure which school your child will attend? Check our school locator.

    During the summer新皇冠体育盘口, new student registration for elementary and middle schoolers who want to attend their neighborhood school continues at the administration building, 200 N. Bernard, weekdays from 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. High school registrations are accepted at neighborhood schools throughout the summer. Please call high schools for summer hours. 

    Please note that registrations cannot be accepted until all immunizations are complete.

    To register, please bring:

    1. A or other official verification of age (such as a passport or visa) is required for students who have not previously enrolled in school. Kindergarten students must be 5 on or before Aug. 31; first graders must be 6.
    2. Medically verified immunization records for new kindergarteners or first graders.
    3. Proof of residency. This can be a current driver's license or ID, or a current utility bill.
    4. Registration forms. These are available at the school, or you can download the entire registration packet here.

Why do I need to provide this information?

The registration form provides important information that allows SPS to:

  • Distribute important information to you, including your student's academic progress (report cards) and attendance records.
  • Respond appropriately in the event of an emergency.
  • Provide and evaluate student supports such as language services.
  • Honor the racial/ethnic and/or cultural identity of students.
  • Pursue and distribute resources to strengthen instruction for all students.
  • Ensure compliance with civil rights laws.

Does SPS offer full-day kindergarten?

Yes! SPS offers full-day kindergarten at all its elementary schools. Find out more about SPS kindergarten here.

Does SPS offer child care?

What if my child has a life-threatening allergy?

新皇冠体育盘口Watch the video below to learn what you need to do when registering your child, what a 504 review is and how to get one, what happens in an emergency, allergies in the lunchroom, allergies in the classroom, and more.

What will happen if my student does not speak English?

Students registering with SPS who indicate that their first learned language is not English are given a placement exam to determine eligibility for the English Language Development (ELD) program. This placement test must be given within 10 days of the student's entry into the school district.

新皇冠体育盘口Questions? Contact your school office or the Administration Building at 354.5900.

  • Immunization Notice: 

    新皇冠体育盘口The State Board of Health recently changed the school and child care immunization policy to require medically verified immunization records. This requirement pertains to all registrations for the 2020-2021 school year. These rules apply to all public and private schools and licensed child care centers in Washington state. .